Assisted Record keeping

On-boarding Farmers

Record the details of the onboarding customers to a decentralized database. The User Interface is easy navigate; making precise information retrieval to be a click-away.

Keep your ledgers updated

Managing Accounts

Use our inbuilt MIS tooling to keep your accounts in synch. Automatically update all accounts associated with sales, purchases and produce movement. Gain insights by analyzing real-time financial summaries 

Keep track of purchases

Managing Purchases

View real time data concerning the purchases made from both suppliers and producers. Optionally, make payments on the purchases from within the App. View summary analysis of the resultant purchases to make informed business decisions.

Neat and Precise Stores

Managing the Inventory

For precision, synch your your inventory with sales, purchases, inputs and produce records. Get instant information concerning the state and status of stored goods. Intuitively analyze status quo by viewing your store visual summaries.

Keep track of goods in transit.