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Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim is to automate the whole produce collection process. From handling the record keeping to facilitating payments and providing MIS tooling.

We decentralize your data and records by providing a cloud-based platform.

We avail in-built payment services that are fast and transparent.

We avail in-built MIS tooling for better managerial operations.

Sanyiko covers all agricultural sectors. 

The software suite is tailored to meet the needs of the business at hand. 

We discuss with the clients on what niche needs they may have and tweak our generic software correspondingly.

Yes. Sanyiko can be accessed remotely through a mobile app or an internet browser. 

In case of unstable internet connection, the mobile App can operate under Offline-mode.

The Sanyiko suite comes as both a web-application and a mobile app.

To access the web application, you can login or sign upĀ here

You can get the mobile application at the google playstore.

Payments to Farmers can be made via M-Pesa B2C paybill based on the amount of Produce Received automatically. 

Alternatively, you can also issue a cheque/ RTGS from your Bank and record the transaction in Sanyiko

Offline mode allows the Transporter to Login to the App, Register a new Farmer and Input Product Collection Details . 

Transporters can also retrieve the Historical details of the Farmers to know total supply and amount credited to the account.

Sanyiko pricing will depend on the number of associated Farmers an aggregator is dealing with. please get in touch with our team via for pricing details.

Sanyiko support team will assist you in the initial migration from manual system or any existing system.

Aggregators can provide the information in CSV/Excel formats to be imported to the Sanyiko Platform.

Sanyiko does not require High speed internet connectivity. You can use it simply by subscribing to basic Mobile Internet and start using the system.

The mobile App also has a functional “Offline mode”.

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