Sanyiko software automating farm produce collection
Software uniquely built for agricultural aggregators across the different agricultural domains
Sanyiko covers diverse Agricultural domains.
Software for agricultural aggregation

Quality Services
Cheap, Easy, Fast
Anyhwere You Need

Automating produce aggregation

Agritech for agricultural aggregators

we automate the whole produce collection process. From handling the record keeping to facilitating payments and providing managerial tooling.

Agritech for Agricultural aggregation

Quality Services
Cheap, Easy, Fast
Anyhwere You Need

For Agricultural and Dairy Aggregators

Sanyiko specializes in providing cloud and mobile based solutions for agricultural aggregators

Agritech for dairy farming
App for aggregators

Quality Services
Cheap, Easy, Fast
Anyhwere You Need

Software for Agro-Aggregators

Not only do we support agricultural aggregators across Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, we also cover all agricultural domains

Sanyiko supports multiple agricultural sectors

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About sanyiko

Connecting Farmers with Companies

Sanyiko is an agritech company that helps produce-aggregating companies to manage the affairs of the farmers who supply them with agricultural produce. We provide aggregators with cloud-based and mobile solutions to help them manage data on farmers and their respective installments. 


The aggregator can initiate payments to the farmer within the app using familiar services like Mpesa. Payments are timely and transparent. The suite comes with  inbuilt  industry-standard accounting and inventory tools.

Agritech for aggregators
Sanyiko App for dairy aggregators
Managing produce aggregation
App for agricultural aggregators

About Sanyiko

Providing Holistic

We accommodate all participants of the aggregation process. 

The Farmers, Transporters and The Aggregator

Accommodating farmers

Crops Advanced Analysis
The farmer is assured of transparent and timely payments.
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Accommodating Transporters

Crops Advanced Analysis
Transporters can automatically record sales and purchases from farmers using the mobile app.
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Accommodating Companies

Quality Protection Harvest
Companies are provided with full access to industry-standard MIS tools
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Everything You Need


Producer Management

We automatically update and keep track associated farmers' relevant information : Intuitively analyze their produce records and transactions to gain insight.

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Receivables Management

Considering the App can be used in both phones and PCs, sales and Purchase record keeping becomes decentralized. Integrity guaranteed 👍🏼

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Transporter Management

we provide mechanisms to keep track of the transactions done by different transporters, their routes, their goods and end contacts.

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Inventory management

Manage your inventory from the cloud. Automatically synch your Inventory with your day-to-day business operations

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Covering the Agricultural and Dairy sector is our specialty

Why Choose Sanyiko?

Agritech for produce collection
Agritech in Kenya, Uganda


Sanyiko is specially designed for companies in the agricultural & Dairy sector

Best App for Aggregators
Sanyiko app is usable

Easy to use

You don't need to be a IT or Accounting specialist to use SANYIKO, it is very easy to use

Sanyiko multiple agricultural domains


SANYIKO can be customized to meet specific needs of a company.

Agritech app in Kenya & Uganda
Aggregation in Kenya


You will get full access both Technical and Operational customer support.

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Providing The Best Solutions For Aggregating produce

Enjoy our cloud and mobile-based solutions tailored for your agricultural and Dairy endeavour

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    With you in every step

    Scaling Gracefully

    Even at a large scale, managing farmer affairs should be swift and effective. Here at Sanyiko, we handhold you through the core steps.

    Onboard Farmers

    Record and manage farmers' data

    Provide Inputs

    distribute and track inputs reliably.

    Collect Produce

    gather produce & make payments